Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art&Light at KalaGhoda Arts Festival 2015

Art&light was part of The Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2015, from the 7th-15th of Feb. KGAF is the one and only arts festival that has been the pride of Bombay ever since its inception. In many ways, it is attending the festival as an onlooker for many years, being inspired by vast array of artists that it brings together from across India, that inspired me to do what I do today. So to be a part of it as an entrepreneur was a huge moment of pride, privilege an important personal milestone for me as a designer/artist. And what a ride this has been, from not knowing if Kalaghoda will happen (because of a court case) - to getting confirmation - has been a journey of excel sheets, planning, ordering, suppliers, working against time - coordinating for the 1st time with suppliers outside of Bombay.  Oh, yes, this KalaGhoda 2015 saw a spate of 1sts for artnlight & for me. It meant systematically getting out of every comfort zone I preferred to be in. It meant asking for help. It meant knowing how to deal with the help that came my way. It meant assuming that I am working alone for the large part & suddenly when the time came, to be comfortable with including people and letting them do what they do best. It meant learning how to step aside and let people take care of things their way. 
 Kalaghoda for artnlight meant stepping up and into the sun, It was rigorous and demanding. It was a month of disciplined and relentless working for me & my team, And finally when the festival started, it was 9 days of  acknowledgement of how far Artnlight has come as a brand. And it was 9 days of continual feedback on how many things can change and an unignorable message of what exactly people would want which I don't currently make. 
I realised what a protected experience online selling is. The worst that can happen is someone will not buy your product. That artnlight is a premium decor accessories brand was not a conscious calculated decision, but it was born out of the necessities of running a sustainable business creating beautiful handmade products of a certain artistic calibre. 
KalaGhoda is a place where all of Mumbai and even people from outside come. People from all walks of life. Masses and the classes. That my product appeals to people with an eye for good work - irrespective of where they come from was heartwarming. But their disappointment when they figured they might not be able to afford what was on sale - has made a part of me think. How much I will be able to do something about this - time will tell.
Sharing a few pictures of the stall. There is so much more to be said of the 9 days, but that might just be another post.

Here is the Art&Light stall - completely stocked. Do you see the triangular streamers? The young and talented Sunny Kolekar helped me make them. I just told him that we need streamers and from there to actually putting them up at the stall - he made it happen. No surprises that everyday we had atleast 5 pyt's demanding to know if they were on sale.
 For the very 1st time I got Art&Light Tshirts printed and my guys wore them at the stall. Amit on the left is my stocking and logistics guy & the ever dependable Jiten does everything from making my products to my packaging. This guy never says a no and is one of the most gracious people I have ever known.

 This angel was a gift sent to me by a very close friend Karishma Birdy - this has to be one of the most photographed images of my stall. 
 The circular trays were a hit. And they will soon be launched on the website
 The Peacock circular tray was a hotseller. And we had to literally make them as they got sold & restock them. 
 And look who was at the stall all the time. Dithi gifted me this Krishna when I went to Kolkatta. He is special indeed :)

The super popular Famous names b/w acrylic coasters. I got sold out on these in no time. The discussions these sparked off among the buyers were entertaining to say the least.

 Among one of the many special moments at KalaGhoda was the very famous art icon Brinda Miller shopping at the Art&Light stall - and can you see the bags? Again for the very 1st time I got branded bags printed for Art&Light.
 The much loved and coveted 3 drawer unit. People just could not resist opening & closing these drawers and checking the price. 
 The newly launched and the super popular Rajasthan Green Mugs - they are 2 different designs - one being the Green Tree and the other - the rajasthan couple mugs
 My predilection for vintage illustrations gets carried over to these newly launched Mugs

Thats me, Amit, Jiten & Nisha Sampath who is a very close friend, a digital marketing consultant, who stands by me through thick and thin - she was a pillar of support through KalaGhoda.  Apart from funding me, she would come each morning and set up the stall, arrange the products in different ways and would see to it that all of us at the stall were fed good food. This is not my entire team and I look forward to introducing them soon. I can't be done with my KalaGhoda narration without a thank you to all my friends who stood by me like rocks and went completely out of their way to be with me at the stall. Armaity Mevawala, Sampada Choudhary, Shilpy Agarway, Arpita Paliwal, Shweta Dingwaney, Anand Sivakumaran, Hemank Shah, Ekta Balyan, Neelam Mulla, Nisha Sampath & Sunny Kolekar a BIG Huge thank you to you guys, I could not have done this without you. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Artnlight Vintage Botanical Cushion Covers.

The Artnlight vintage botanical & floral cushions are here. On the artnlight online store

And one more last lot is coming up and these are new designs :)

Artnlight Cushions are here!

And they are here. I made cushions last year for the 1st time and by the time my online shop was launched I had already run out of the 1st batch. The next batch is ready and finally available on the artnlight online store. Its a small batch of cushions and they are quickly getting picked up. Its interesting to note that the same designs work differently on fabric. Here are the Royal Rajasthan range of cushions. 

Coming up next is the vintage Range of cushion covers. You can pick them up here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Wish you a brilliant 2015 + Give-away Winners

The beginning of another New Year. Another chance, actually 365 more chances. A lot of things have been going through my head these past couple of weeks, and some of the things that are blinking back at me bright are the things that I would not have caught myself thinking of earlier. These are things that I need to look at, and bring in more of. I just wanted to share that with you. 
And a new year is as good a time as any other to take stock and to look ahead. I wish each of you a brilliant and beautiful 2015. A year where you get closer to the way you want yourself and your to be. A year of bravery, not necessarily the loud kind, but the kind of bravery that it takes to wake up into another day and give it a genuine fresh shot, the bravery it takes to love better. The bravery it takes to speak a truth you've always known but never spoken to the one closest to you. The bravery it takes to take your work to the next level. The bravery it takes to learn something new. The bravery it takes to admit you might have been wrong. The bravery it takes to say no, simply and clearly without feeling the need to justify yourself. 
And the things that I mentioned that were blinking brightly at me are: 
Its ok to ASK. For anything, for help, support, it might mean just asking for a conversation with someone because you've missed them in your life. I've figured it does not come easily for me to ask. But who knows what that will open up. No chance, no dance :)

The other thought that been going on and around in my head is to go in and nourish from the inside without worrying about the outside. Which might translate to doing things for yourself and your body, which might translate to starting a practice - anything, conscious breathing, drawing, just listening to music and doing nothing else along with that - you get the drift. In this smartphone and facebook era where the immediate temptation is to do and show - why not start something just for yourself which is not about sharing with the whole world. Its a thought. 

There have been 2 give-away's running on this blog & the new year is a brilliant time to announce the lucky winners. Harishi is the winner of this Syu scarf.
Congratulations Harishri, please do contact Syu with your mailing address. 

AND. Shilpa Kamath Prabhu is the winner of the Artnlight Hamper from the Artnlight Season of Gratitude Year-End Sale
Congratulations Shilpa, do mail your address to the Artnlight FB inbox. And it will be shipped to you :)
Looking forward to another year full of action. Watch this space, there are some really exciting announcements I have to make. 2015 already looks good. Happy Happy new year to each and every one of you :) What are the things that you are looking forward to this year? 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Artnlight Flash Sale

Good news!! The Flash Sale on the Artnlight online store is ON!! And the time to shop is now. The posts have gone up on the artnlight FB page - there was no way I was not letting the artnlight blog readers know. Just head to and there is 36% off on all products for 36 hours - till the 29th. AND shipping is free in India.
Many of you must be travelling and I'm in the middle of a mad family reuinion, my cousins have come from all parts of the world and all of us from India are meeting together after a long time. It madness and fun. And I wish all of you a beautiful happy 2015. Lots of love from me to all of you. 

Those of you who will shop definitely don't forget to use the Discount coupon code: ANLHNY2015. Happy Shopping And Happy 2015 in advance :) :) 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Season of Gratitude & Artnlight's 1st ever year-end SALE + a give-away !!

Another year is coming to a close. And what a year. A year of many ups and downs. The downs being my health, and the ups being many opportunities to do good work. One of them was being called to design signature prints for Nisha Sainani's Spring Summer Collection - which went on to become a wild success and had the likes of Sonam Kapoor and many female leads in the film industry loving and wearing them at various events. 

That followed by the launch of the Artnlight online store which got a very very warm and reassuring response. 

And then came the show at Serendipity  - which was not only good for business but also a place where I met many wonderful, warm and amazingly talented fellow entrepreneurs and designers. 

There are a couple more which are speedily moving to point where I can tell you all about it. So much to be grateful for. This year I met so many people whose work I have only seen from afar and admired. The more I see of life, the more I am wowed by its generosity and gentleness. Everything in its time. And how taken care of one is. 

This year is also a year that taught me the value of slowness. That how it is ok to not rush from one adrenaline high to another. It opened my eyes to how much love and support I get from my closest people who stand strong and hold me tight when things are not ok, This year has been about my closest family, friends, their love and unconditional support. I have experienced stupendous love and respect coming my way and my heart is full of gratitude. 

Gratitude, to all the people who love me, my work and show it by writing to me, coming to meet me at exhibitions, by investing in artnlight products and making it possible for artnlight to grow, by adding me as a friend on FB, by following the artnlight FB page, by commenting regularly on the FB posts, by registering on the new artnlight store, and by simply coming here regularly and reading this blog. Thank you. Thank you each one of you. You have no idea how much it eggs me on to walk this path that sometimes feels scary, lonesome and like I have bitten off more than I can chew. 
All of this definitely calls for a celebration and I want to start by announcing the very 1st Year-End Sale on the artnlight store. Its a flat 20% off of EVERYTHING on the artnlight shop. So shop away.

IMPORTANT: Apply your discount coupon code : ARTNLIGHT100 in your cart before checkout. You will find it on the bottom left of the cart window - please be sure to key it in this the slot. Or copy paste it. 


There is an Special Artnlight Gift Hamper for one lucky artnlight blog reader - All you have to do to be that person is :
1. Write in the comment section below what you are most grateful for in your life.
2. Like Artnlight's FB page - if you haven't already that is.

I saw a video by Marie Forleo - on how its important to list out the many reasons you are grateful for something/somebody. Many a time we hold ourselves back from saying thank you or even allowing ourselves to feel completely and unabashedly grateful, so this once, just go all out :) 
Plus because I'm feeling completely happy, there is another give-away happening on the FB page. Which is separate from this. Yes, you can participate in both :)