Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Artnlight @ The Harvey Nichols, Riyadh

Its a good month when what you create is chosen to represent Indian contemporary design along with the best in the country. I'm super thrilled to finally share with you Artnlight is part of the International luxury lifestyle store Harvey Nichols' Ramadan Caravan in Riyadh, along with names like Viya Home, Klove, Mozez Singh and GoodEarth. The Fashion segment has iconic designers like Sabyasachi, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani, JJ Valaya and stunning talents like  Karishma Shanani ~ Ka Sha whose work I'm a huge fan of and Payal Khandwala. The list reads like the who's who of the Indian design scene. 
 Harvey Nichols founded in 1831, with its flagship store in London, has over 12 stores across the world and definitely has the most prestigious brands under its roof.
The Harvey Nichols Riyadh, this Ramadan decided to have an Indian themed festival (Caravan) that celebrates the best in Indian design sensibilities. Mohawk Media partnered with them to present the 
Harvey Nichols Ramadan Caravan.
 It is truly an honour to be included in this elite and much respected list of designers and brands. Not all the designers or brand names are included in the below picture, but they are each an illustrious example of excellence in design.

The dynamic Pavitra Mohan of Masala Chai fame curated the Urban Contemporary, design & decor section & the fashion segment was curated by Bandana Tiwari.
 This is what Pavitra who curated the Urban contemporary section has to say on the process "While in my experience with MASALA CHAI, I’ve come across 100’s of independent brands, it was a challenge to curate something for the Arab market , which had to be contemporary but also have a very distinct Indian flavour to them. And let’s not forget, it was at Harvey Nichols in Riyadh, so a touch of luxe was essential too.
Aesthetically , they had to have a crossover appeal to the expats and Indian diaspora of Riyadh , as well as appeal to the local arabs. No products with images of people, dogs or pigs were allowed. So on and so forth.
Contacting and communicating with over 40 brands was whittled down to 25 brands and further edited to 10 brands, that met all their requirements"
I have immense respect for Pavitra and when she wrote to me for this, it was such a compliment.
 A few of the window displays of the festival downloaded from the internet
 The Artnlight design series that made it to the Harvey Nichols Ramadan Caravan is the Bombay Series which is very close to my heart. 
 This is what I had written when I designed this series: Bombay is the city I grew up in, it is where I learnt all that I know, it is constant inspiration and it is home. Its people, its commitment to work, its enterprise, its opportunity and its idiosyncrasies is what makes this series. I don’t think I will ever stop trying to bring its spirit to life. This is the beginning of my ongoing tribute to the city that fuels a million dreams and is the pride of this country. My tribute to a city that respects its women & gives them a  huge canvas and more importantly the freedom to play in it.

 Yes :) The Mugs are new & so is the Triple Hook Shelf. The entire collection of my boxes, trays, mugs & hooks left for Riyadh a few months ago.

Mohawk Media are the collaborators who brought together this festival along with Harvey Nichols, and did a lot of the co-ordinating with me. The Ramadan Caravan is going on right now as we speak at Harvey Nichols, Riyadh, And will continue till the end of August. You can check the Harvey Nichols Riyadh FB page for more details. And those of you in Riyadh, do check it out, the best in Indian design awaits you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet the Dish :)

Meet the Dish :) And so many other designs on I realise that in the past couple of years of making products and especially in the last 2 years, I have been so busy with making products, making my catalogue, selling and doing the back-end, taking care of the employees and keeping the numbers balanced that I forgot to celebrate the product, the core of what I was doing, I forgot to share the joy and the fun of shooting it, styling it in different ways and blogging about it. The Dish design on has been a favourite for years. Inspired by the blue pottery designs of Jaipur, this is one design while being colourful is also quiet in a classic way.

 You can shop this range here
 Available in 4 sizes, a small and a large square
 And the smaller and larger rectangular sizes as well
And the great news is that we now have matching mugs to go with the tray. These will come soon on the Artnlight Online Store. Infact, a whole new set of products are getting ready for the store soon :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014 & its 1st Fb contest

How does one celebrate a long awaited event. is after a lot of work, joy and diligence is a reality. The Blue Wood Lotus Design is such a huge hit with everybody. People cannot seem to get enough of it, so I thought what better way than to weave a contest with the most favourite design as a give-away.
 Introducing *Brand New* Blue Wood Lotus Mugs - you can buy it here
 You can browse the entire Blue Lotus product range here

 And this is a design I had made a long time ago - and words that mean the world to me. 

Now for the EXCITING FB Contest :)

 So what do you need to do?
1. Register yourself on
2. Click on your favourite product and share it on your Facebook Page. (you will see a green "share this"  button next to the product image)
3. Just paste a link of your FB page that will show us that you have shared the product here
The last date for entries is Tuesday the 21st evening. Looking forward to your hearty participation :) With much love :) I'm so happy that this space is active once again.

Artnlight Times

There is a new excitement in the air and we are busy packing and parcelling off the purchases at Have you had a chance to check out the all new artnlight online shop?  I wanted to include something special for the 1st 100 artnlight buyers and that is when I remembered these inspirational post cards I had designed long back. These were made at a time when I was going through a state of mind not very different from right now. I felt the need to change, to shake things up. And when you are feeling like that, it helps to keep inspiration handy. Things that will keep the perspective clear, and give you strength and hope.
 This is my original post on this blog - from 6 years back :)
 Remember? - from here :)

You can frame them, use it as a book mark in your fav book or put it up on your softboard.
How can you get one - Shop for anything from and you get one of these postcards free :)

Monday, July 14, 2014


So here is the BIG news people :) Artnlight is now a brand that has its own online store and website. Ye!!! And it becomes so easy for you to buy artnlight products. For 4 years now - ever since I started making my products, if anyone wanted to buy them, they had to write to me, it was a to and fro - what do you want v/s what I have in stock. Making the Artnlight catalog was the 1st milestone - I felt that simplified my life a lot. Creating an online shop has always been on my agenda, but the past few years have been so hectic with my travels, exhibitions,projects and fulfilling the orders that I got that I just did not find the time or the bandwidth to peacefully sit down and do what needed to be done when making an online shop. It was a typical case of urgent v/s important and the important task of creating my own online store stayed on the back burner.
Till a blessing arrived, in the shape of a health hazard, my doctor and my body told me, in no unclear terms, I had to rest, go slow and take care of my body. After the initial round of feeling bad, shocked at my own negligence, I settled. And rested. And took stock of what was possible.
Now was the time, to do things that needed to be done, for myself, for my work, in a peaceful, balanced and in an unhurried way. I started the process of putting my website together.
And what a learning experience it has been. I learnt and unlearnt so many things. But most importantly I learnt how much work really goes into putting a website together. And since I had not outsourced any resource, like photography, writing, content strategy - it was just me plugging away steadily till it was ready to be shared with the world. And it took time. Its own sweet time. But here it is. Ready to be shared with all of you.
Welcome to Artnlight's website and online shop,7 years since I started writing this blog. Its been a journey and a half. And you guys have been with me. All along. I'm especially thinking of all of you who have seen this blog start and grow and change along with me. This is dedicated to all of you. You know who you are.

You can check out the Queen Series here

You can see the entire Jaali Collection here
The website and store is hosted by Zepo, and here I HAVE to give them credit for meeting me at an exhibition 3 years back and steadily following up with me since then. The zepo guys have been super co-operative and what you see is their format, And all i did was upload pictures, descriptions, details. The payment gateway tie up, the logistics support, they have it all as part of the deal. And it makes your life pretty simple.
I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the website, how does it look, feel? What do you think? I really want to know. And I'm counting on you guys to tell me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Divya Anand @ Dhoop Stores

Hola! Quick news. {Clearly my fashion consciousness is awakening :)} Check out Divya Anand's vibrant cuts and colours at Dhoop Crafts - and for regulars at Dhoop - this will also be a chance to check out the New Dhoop Store.
I like that Divya's work has both pop & subtle & I loved her cuts and the detailing.

Check out the Dhoop Clothes Bazaar at the new Dhoop this Friday, 30 and Saturday 31 May 2014 featuring hand-crafted clothing by Divya Anand. 
Dhoop Address: Shop no 2, Mangal Kunj Bldg, B Wing, Junction of 32 and 36 Road, National College Lane, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400050
Phone: 022 26403917

Have fun shopping!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Art & Light products & a bit of a suspense

I have been putting together something. Its still going on and fingers crossed and if all goes according to plan, I should have some really exciting news to share with all of you soooon! Meantime I have been shooting my products, The Queen series of trays which are so popular now have boxes in the same designs. These past few months while I was quickly making these boxes and sending them for the Jaypore Event and then selling on, I did not have the time or the bandwidth to shoot them. But here they are finally. A few shots of a few boxes, The hand painted gold details on the boxes is what makes these boxes extra special. It takes time, neatness and a lot of patience and love. I was really keen that the photographs show up the gold work - so in some pictures I had to take the pictures at un-natural angles and really pushing the products to catch the sun. So the painstakingly hand done gold work may be seen.
 This is the Rectangular Knick Knack box and measures at 11x7x4 inches and is great to hold all manner of things.
 This is what I meant when I said I had to shoot them in strange angles to catch the light.

 This Square box has a lift-off knob lid and measures 7x7x3 inches and can be a great jewellery box/
 This 8x8x3 Square Hinge Box has a hinged lid and can work  very well as a Jewellery or a tissue box.

There is a lot more coming up. Many new products and many product extentions you asked for. So do stay tuned. Hopefully I can make the happy announcement sooner than later :)