Monday, April 21, 2008


Maybe you are a collector; of odds and ends, of chocolate wrappers full of memories, of little souvenirs from travels and trips. Maybe you have an obsession, with little mint boxes or coasters (you just can't stop picking them from everywhere!!!) or maybe your shoe collection gives Imelda Marcos a run for her money. We are each different and it is important that in our lives and in our homes we have the space for these quirks that make us, us. Here's a post that puts together some pictures that display collections with great panache and become the focal point of a room.
The Saxon Hotel in South Africa houses an amazing collection of artisanal baskets.
The owner of this modern house in Germany has covered an entire wall with an eclectic mixture of mirrors and old portraits. The effect is both informal and exiting, a decorative counterpoint to the otherwise plain while walls.
Knitwear designer Diane de Clerq has framed miniature versions of her knitwear designs to decorate the walls of her office.
In this dining room,Asian wood blocks arranged on the wall have a striking visual effect.
Wooden shovels above the sofas complement the simple wooden table.
In this house in Brussels,architect Agnes Emery has lined all four walls with mirrors, framed and unframed, found in skips and junk shops and they bring in maximum light from outside in.
Antique eel rakes suspended round the window lend a graphic appeal in this American Farmhouse.

And its ok if your collection is not frighteningly large and doesn't cover up the entire wall. You can prop them up like here or you can even group them together on a table or line them up on a pillar or even frame them all together, the options are endless. So bring your gems out and let them see the light of day & let the world see the real you :)
Images from House and Garden March 07 issue.


Vinita said...

What are you doing up so late?:))
I used to collect keychains and pens on my travel as souveniers. Each state or city I would visit I would pick up a pen or a key chain that had something special of that particular place. Later on I realized I am adding up clutter even though they did have a display place. And now since I am more into minimalist style I feel so free.



My mum collects little versions of Ganeshas . Idols, images , curiosities, whatnot. I , on the other hand am clutter free except for notebooks. I've forced myself to stop buying them , especially the ones with pages too pretty to write on?
Most of them just lay around empty , gathering dust !

vineeta said...

Vinita, Congrats on turning minimalist. This post is obviously for people who havent made the switch :)

Masala Chai. I know SO many people who collect Ganeshas :) And you are creative, if you wish you can do somehting about the guys who are gathering dust :)

Sas said...

Dear Vineeta,

I loved this post as a collecter of collections hihi.

Although I love the minimalistic style too, my personal style always comes back to surrounding myself with little collections.

No switch for me yet. To me the essence of a decorating room is that everything you add to it has something to tribute to the room.

This way you never have clutter even when you are displaying lots of decorations like me.

Thank you for sharing this lovely post and thoughts,

warm greetings, Sas

vineeta said...

Ah, Sas, my 1st positive comment on this post ! :) Sas, this post for written for you & the people who collect. ANd if the world were to be filled with minimalists I think it would become a slightly boring place :) But different things work for different people.

gunJan said...

its a beautifully written post as well vin, which adds a lot to what u have put up:)

vineeta said...

Gunj, I've said this before, I really feel happy when someone says its written well :) u've made my day :)

Robyn said...

That was the wierdest deja vu feeling! I have been preparing another post on collecting and one of the photographs was of the basket collection at Hotel Le Saxon, Johannesburg.
Collections fascinate me. My most favourite, all consuming collection at the moment is old, worn found objects.... rusty metal or brass covered in verdigris.
I also started collecting indian printing blocks .