Friday, January 8, 2010

Cinnamon, Bangalore

Priya and me were chatting away and laughing as we went into Cinnamon, Bangalore's lifestyle Store. But as we walked into the store, our chatter automatically turned into whispers. Thats the effect that Cinnamon has on you. Each tastefully displayed object speaks the language of understated elegance. And the frosted white panes with the all white decor further accentuates the feeling of walking into an art gallery more than a store.

passage lined with an elegant array of knick-knacks

I'd been looking for stuff like this for so long

Pops of colour make for interesting display

Shiny red candle stands

Interersting displays
and rare finds
are the strong point of this store

I really enjoyed shooting in Cinnamon, every where I turned was a gorgeous frame
...beautiful textures
....and intersesting shapes
But these delicate birds will remain my favourite image from my Cinnamon visit.
Cinnamon, 11 Walton Road, Bangalore +91 80 2221 2426


Julie Hibbard said...

I love the "a z" bookends. My kids are Allison and Zachary and these always stand for them in my house!
Beautiful post!

Susan Erickson said...

First question...Did you buy anything? I had a similiar type store ...often I felt like I was just entertainment for shoppers...great sales.

pRiyA said...

Awww, Vineeta, tell Susan what that stylish lady bought before our eyes.

Your photography is very good!

Gauri said...

Its almost a ritual for me to end my day with your blog...
Brilliant post this is...
The hanging birds are so simple yet so artistic... Next visit to Bangalore, Cinnamon is a 'must see' for me :-)

Sudha said...

The place has really pretty things..loved the capsicum...looks so real(except for the colour)

Arch at Rang said...

Well, can you believe it, I live in Bangalore and passed Lavelle Rd so many times but never visited Cinnamon:-)

Thanks for sharing....:-)

Dithi said...

Hi Vineeta, I wish I could join you guys in your little explo-ventures! I have read about Cinnamon before, they have quite an interesting mix of modern chic and Indian antiques. Lovely photos as always.

ArtPropelled said...

Wish I could go have a look and a touch. Lovely photographs Vineeta.

vineeta said...

Susan, Cinnamom has been in the business for close to 10 years- so I do think they sell. And like Priya said, we saw this lady pick up a really pricey designer jacket. I did pick up a few knick knacks as well. but I know what you are saying.

vineeta said...

Julie- wo- your kids are your a to z in your home :)

Priya thanx :) :)

Gauri, thanx for reading this blog regularly :)

Sudha, i was taken by the capsicums as well :)

vineeta said...

Arch, I SO know what you mean :) there are so many places in bombay I've not visited. For instance I think you featured Bunglow8 on your blog & I've never been there.

Dithi, just hop across. And the next time you are in Bombay, be sure to leave me a line. We will co-ordinate adn meet up :) and go shop hopping :)

vineeta said...

Robynm thanx so much! :) A lot of the credit goes to the camera :)

shuma.rani said...

They have some amazing stuff, must visit when I'm in Bangalore next.

Thanks for sharing. Oh, and Happy New Year :)