Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you BBC Good Homes & Chandana Banerjee!

This is a post i wrote 2 weeks back & it didn't make it to the blog cause I didn't manage to edit the pictures. I thought i must rewrite it but didn't because this was how my life was 2 weeks back. I am finally getting to rest after the looonnggest spell of work work work.
What a blur these days are going in. A blur of activity, work, deadlines. I have been preparing for a BIG exhibition(s) that's coming up along with my other projects. I will keep you guys posted as soon as I have something to show. Everything seems to be gearing up to a crescendo. I have missed all of you & I have missed blogging - how longingly I think of posting these days. I also think fondly of the days when I started blogging & I truly had the time to do it well & lovingly & now I only seem to be running. There are challenges and things I have been avoiding which are bang in front of me saying "Deal with me NOW, I am here". I am a list maker, a deadline meeter & doer, doer, doer. And that's how I'm managing to keep my head above the water - well, almost. And in the middle of all this doing, I must not forget to acknowledge all the goodness that is coming my way in the form of various media mentions and interviews. With a heart full of gratitude, I want to thank Chandana Banerjee of the Pink Elephant Writing Studio for this really well written article in the September Issue of the BBC Good Homes. I'm featured along with the super talented Dithi Chakraborthy of Deezden & Kalyani Ganapathy of Kye. I especially loved the way BBC Good Homes layed out these pages.

It has been a month that has demanded a lot out of me & it has also been a month of amazing acknowledgment. And I stand in the middle of both these polarities and hold myself still, so I can focus better on the work at hand.
Pictures and news of the exhibitions coming up next! Along with some proper blogging which I have truly missed!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A book called "Desire to Inspire"

For sometime now I have been wanting to share a beautiful piece of news with you. I want to speak about Christine Mason Miller, her amazing talent and leadership qualities. I wrote about her and her book Ordinary Sparkling Moments and about being book fairy for the 100 book project sometime back. Christine is back in news with a new book called Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the world. And to quote Christine "In Desire to Inspire, readers will be introduced to twenty extraordinary women - writers, artists and entrepreneurs - all of whom share a unique example of how they create a meaningful life and, in turn, make a positive impact on the world. The stories and examples explore the roots of their desire to inspire and how they manage to pursue their passions in the midst of all the twists and turns life has given them."
The news is also that yours truly is actually one of these 20 women. When Christine asked me if I will be part of this, I had said yes, without really understanding the magnitude or the magnificence of the women in whose company I would be in. Each of them is a true torchbearer of a new way of living & many directly empower people by coaching, taking workshops and training design entrepreneurs. Do check the FB Desire to Inspire page to see all the contributors. Click on the 'like' button & spread the happy word. The book is now published by North Light Books and available to pre-order from Amazon, (pinch me - this is for real!!) and will be released officially across book stands in November.

Writing this blog has been a journey of inspiration for me and that is the only reason I am part of a beautiful-powerful book like this. I want to thank each one of you who has been reading my blog since I started 4 years back in August, and each of you who joined me me on my journey down the line. I believe it is your good wishes for me which has made this possible.
Needless to say I have pre-ordered my copy and am dying to take a peek into "Desire to Inspire" Do spread the word, check out the pages on Amazon, pre-order the book, or whatever else your heart tells you to do.
All the images on this post are copyrighted and belong to Christine Mason Miller, North Light Books and were taken from the Preview pages on Amazon.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Parinda & Vijay Singh's home - My decor project

Parinda is the 1st person to trust me and give me decor assignments, 1st with her husband's office decor and then when they bought a home. We were 1st colleagues and discussing our individual passions & how we plan to live it, is what really brought us close. Our equation was in place & the best bit about doing Parinda's home was I knew I wouldn't have to hold myself back when it comes to colour and experiment. Parinda along with working with the television industry is co-founder of Tribe of Taal, a contemporary dance institute and her husband Vijay Singh, is dealer in super high end audio equipment.
The room that I want to share with you is not complete. The wall decor still remains. But I was excited by what is done & here it is.
We were discussing adding wooden carved blocks onto the headboard of the sofa & we got all excited & suddenly it struck us - why not use cutwork panels instead? So I googled the pattern made a drawing and got it cutout, and Rambhai Pari's able carpenter put it together.

Parinda had these wooden Step drawers & we got it painted the same colour as her sofa upholstery. Both of us were clear it had to be rani pink, but convincing Vijay it would look good was the task, but here are the results and all concerned are happy.

What remains is the wall decor. We are planning to stencil floral patterns & I just did a bit of photoshop experimenting to see how frames will look.
Will cover the bedroom & the rest of the home when it is done.

Meanwhile there is a lot of exciting news and developments that I plan to share with you'll soooon. So stay tuned :)